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Business Development in China PDF Print E-mail

With Synorica, you can rest assured that your business development projects are done the right way. You are on the fast track to the success of your China projects. You will improve business results, save time and money and, ultimately, improve the bottom line of your business. We provide you the flexibility of deploying solutions as you need them. You select the solutions best suit your requirements.

For business development in China, we help

  • Companies seize opportunities and tap into China’s enormous market potentials;
  • Companies incorporate China into their business strategies;
  • OEM suppliers and service providers follow their customers  and set up operations in China;
  • Entrepreneurs and investors explore business opportunities and seek higher ROI than that at home.


With Synorica, you benefit from

  • Our China experience, business savvy, and connections which help you gain advantage over competitors;
  • Our recommendations for business structures and market entry strategies that best fit your budget and goals;
  • Our cost effective approaches in identifying business opportunities and selecting local partners;
  • Our practical advice and hands-on support for setting up and running a business in China.