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After three decades of economic growth fueled largely by exports, China has become the world's factory and has, for a lot of Chinese companies, maxed out their domestic economies of scale. China's current "going out" strategy which encourages Chinese companies to invest abroad is its answer to sustainable growth. As Fortune magazine puts it, "The Chinese have long been on a shopping spree for natural resources. Now, with $2 trillion in their pockets, they are shifting their aim toward automakers, high-tech firms, and real estate." The Chinese have bought stakes in foreign banks, utilities, semiconductor companies, and other businesses.

For many U.S. companies and local governments, FDI is an excellent source of fund for growth and economic development. Here at Synorica, we help connect Chinese investors with U.S. companies. Our research, due diligence, and support help eliminate guesswork, avoid mistakes, and make deals, small or big, doable.

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