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China is the world’s factory. We provide you access to the manufacturing capabilities in China. From consumer goods to industrial machine tools to chemicals, China not only provides you with ready-made, competitively priced products of western specs but also low cost, highly motivated and skilled labor force, low cost raw materials, R&D, and vast manufacturing capabilities. With our services, you can achieve tremendous cost savings and develop new supply base for your existing as well as new product lines.

Our services will benefit

  • Companies looking for cost advantages to stay competitive;
  • Entrepreneurs looking for innovative ways of bringing in all sorts of different products for merchandising;
  • Inventors wanting to make their products at lower costs and to bring their products to market fast;
  • Manufacturers and service providers wanting to outsource their back-office and R&D functions to take advantage of less expensive labor and the vast talent pool.


What benefits can be achieved

  • Our broad experience combined with the vast manufacturing capability China has to offer provides a good start for your procurement projects;
  • Significant savings can be obtained by procuring stock items or having products made to your specs - up to 70% savings;
  • One-stop shopping for your China procurement projects – from initial planning to final delivery of your products we put our many years of experience to work.